2016 | A Year In Review

2016 was the most important year of my wedding photography business thus far. Please stay, and have a look!

Here are some stats:

-Number of delivered edited images: 33,918

-Weddings: 30 (23 photo, 1 film, 6 photo+film)

-Portrait sessions: 24

-Miles Traveled: 7,446

-States Visited: Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, New York

-Instagram Posts: 204

-Salary paying jobs quit: 1

I have so many things to say about 2016, but I will try to keep it as brief as possible. For the past three years, I’ve balanced my business with a full time teaching job. In June, I finally decided to take the leap and run my business full time. As soon as all of my work time was committed to my craft, I finally felt the freedom of being an artist without constraints. Looking back at all the work I did this year, I can’t believe how much it evolved in a mere 365 days. In September, I went to a photographer’s event in New York called WRKSHP, and thanks to the incredibly talented teachers there, I searched myself and was able to answer why I do what I do. Between the heart-wrenching wedding stories told by Jonas Peterson, minimalist creativity of Max Wanger, friendship extended by Yuriy and Julia Manchik, and the insight and humility of Dylan Howell I feel like I became an entirely different person. But, one class stood out to me. Benj Haisch very well knows that I’m his #1 fanboy, but I attribute his work to be one of the biggest influences on my artistic career. Stumbling upon one of his blog posts during sophomore year of college ultimately became the catalyst to my career as a wedding photographer. In his class, I was reminded of why weddings are so important and how we as wedding photographers are a legacy to families for decades and decades to come (also, his presentation made me cry because it featured photos of my wife, Sabriah, and I on our wedding day with the words “Marriage Is Important” strewn across it). One phrase resounded with me and rattled me pretty good: “The most impressive photos aren’t always meaningful, and the most meaningful photos aren’t always impressive.” This coming from the dude who shoots the raddest mountain elopements you could ever think of proves it’s truth. As if putting together a summarization of my photographic year in one blog post wasn’t enough, this new perspective on my work has led me to share with you some of the most intimate, emotional pieces I’ve developed throughout 2016 (along with all the other rad portraits, obviously). So, keep an eye out for how these images sway from adventure to the purest joy, from tears to utter beauty, and from wanderlust to compassionate love. Here’s my 2016:

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