Alex + Sarah | Ravenswood Event Center Wedding

Alex and Sarah are so cool. I did their engagement session a while back, and I got a glimpse into their lives. It includes books, tons of movies, a rad apartment, an adorable little life nestled into a Chicago north side neighborhood, and access to their favorite theater, just a train stop away. Although their cool factor is extremely appealing, their love and support for one another is uncontested. They are so clearly best friends with all of the same interests and objectives. I’m honestly intimidated to write any more because they are so good at writing, and I kind of feel like I’m submitting an essay to them to be reviewed. So, I’ll leave you with what I do best: photos. But, I am including their epic vows, so keep an eye out for those once you get to the ceremony!

Sarah Gorr to Alex Wayman:

“When I met you, you made it impossible not to notice you. You were a force, full of confidence and wit. You were smart and kind, and you were more than just interested in me—you were interested in everything I thought about everything. You didn’t just want to spend time with me, you wanted to make art with me. You didn’t just want to talk to me, you wanted to know me. And without even trying, you managed to be absolutely everything I didn’t even know I was looking for.

I was only 21 the first time I thought we might spend our lives together, but it feels like a lifetime ago. Because today’s not just our wedding day—it’s our anniversary.

Alex Wayman, I’ve loved you every day for nine years and today I promise to love you every day for 100 more. And when someday I’m nothing but star stuff, I’m sure my atoms will find a way to love your atoms, too. Because after nine years, you’re still magnetic. You’re still the person I want to share everything with, be it good, bad, or hilariously mundane, and after nine years, you still want to share everything with me, too.

So today I say I’m ready for the next step. Here we go.”

Alex Wayman to Sarah Gorr:

“Sarah Gorr, I don’t know if you know this, but I am, believe it or not, despite many valid and well documented arguments to the contrary, a rational person.  I was before I met you.  And I am today.

But that rationalism just isn’t the same as it used to be.  Because how can someone rational, or realistic, or sane, fall in love at first sight?

They don’t.  They can’t.  But I did.  And I have been coping with that for 9 years now.

So I have 3 promises for you. For the girl I fell in love with a decade-ish ago in the basement of a movie house.  For the woman I fall in love with every morning, all over again.  For my future wife that is holding it together really really well right now.

First, I promise to PRETTY-MUCH-ALMOST-ALWAYS say yes.  To say yes to kayaking in Patagonia and wandering the beaches of southern France.  To say yes to the unknown.  To risk.  To moving to a new city or building a life in an old one.  To anything that brings you closer to living the dreams you’ve always had and the ones you haven’t come up with yet.  I promise to say NO when you ask me to get a little bit closer to the glacier’s edge, and to say no, I don’t think you should get any closer either.  I promise to support and sustain your love for adventure, while supporting and sustaining your being alive.

Second, I promise to love life and live, TRULY LIVE–not just by getting out there with you and experiencing everything that this world has to offer, but by being proud, and happy, and eating right, and walking around the block every day or two, and loving myself half as much as you do, so you don’t have to carry that burden for the both of us.

Third, I promise that we will get a dog.  Like right away.

That’s the least I can do for you, Sarah Gorr, because you’re my best friend, and I’m yours.  I always have been.  And I always will be.”



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