Here’s the story: A bride inquired for our film services for her mid-August, Michigan wedding about 3 weeks prior to the wedding date. It may seem strange that this inquiry was so late, but this typically happens a few times a year. It was my only weekend off pretty much all summer. The couple gave every indication that they were going to book, but it ended up falling through. I considered writing another email to follow up, but quickly realized, “This is the perfect opportunity to do that thing that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time now.” That thing: surprise my wife [Sabriah] with a trip disguised as a weekend out-of-state wedding [we’re from Chicago]. We share the same calendar, so I was on my toes for the next two weeks, intercepting every email and calendar alert, making up excuses like “Let me see your phone. Your Instagram feed is so much smaller than mine is. Look at my page, it cuts off here on your phone, but it actually cuts off here on my phone…” In the meantime, I was deleting AirBNB reservations from her iCal like a boss. Some may think my approach would have been suspicious, but I usually care too much about silly things like Instagram feed formats all of the time, so it was a perfect distraction. August 19th came. We packed up all of our camera gear [didn’t need it] and headed to Michigan [Nashville] for Greg & Shaina’s [made up names] wedding. The route to Michigan is the same as to Nashville for the first hour and a half, so Sabriah was still under the assumption that we were headed to Dowagaic, Michigan for a last minute wedding that she was not too stoked about. She couldn’t believe me as a I filmed an Insta-Story stating that we were in fact on our way to Nashville instead of Michigan. When she finally came to believing me, she was pretty stoked about the change of plans. This whole past year, I’ve been trying to document most of our personal stories and trips through the medium of 35mm film photography. This year has been my first in dabbling with film, but the camera I use is comparable to the digital cameras I use for my professional work. It makes me slow down. It forces me to care about what I’m photographing. It takes me ten times longer producing an image on film. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. So, if you’re still reading this, thank you. Here’s Nashville:


So, obviously our trip revolved around amazing food and rad people. Ideal.

Friends photographed: Danny & Sheri Weiss [Danny’s been my BFF since high school, and they decided to drive up from Georgia when they heard we were in Nashville — so sweet], Josh & Jessica Helton from A Little Long Distance [they are incredible story tellers — check them out!]

All photographs were scanned by Indie Film Lab and are unedited [apart from being cropped in some cases]

Camera: Canon 1v

Lenses: Canon 35mmL, Canon 45mm TS-E, Canon 50mmL [I think]

Film: Kodak Portra 400


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